Lessons and Training

Where Show Jumping and Horsemanship Meet

In our program, we strive to develop the foundations of both the horse and rider and bridge the gap between natural horsemanship and show jumping. 


We have found that horses and riders develop a greater partnership and riders a greater understanding of their horse by divulging into natural horsemanship. Whether you're just starting out jumping, competing in Grand Prix, or somewhere in between, you can discover skills with natural horsemanship that will only better the partnership you and your horse have.


We also divulge into how proper flatwork strengthens jumping techniques and a rider’s ability to communicate with their horse. We focus on how flatwork is the very basis of jumping and how without it, jumping becomes less successful. Throughout this process we teach riders to understand healthy horse and human biomechanics of balance and energy to achieve the best results, physically, emotionally and goal oriented. 

Horse Behavior

Horse behavior is another thing we study in our program. Most horses with “behavioral issues” typically have some environmental factor causing these to arise. We enable our riders to search for answers as to what might be causing their horse to act a certain way and provide them with the tools for a positive outcome. 

  • Individual and Group Lessons

  • Natural Horsemanship/Ground Work Sessions

  • Clinics and Workshops

  • Show Coaching

  • Training Rides

  • Training Board

  • Remote Video Coaching

We Offer

If you're interested in more information about joining our program, please feel free to contact us. For those looking to schedule a lesson please book online using our online calendar available through the button below.

Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship essentially strengthens the bond between horse and rider. We use these types of techniques to build stronger partnerships, strengthen flatwork, discover healthy biomechanics, understand horse and human psychology, and look into horse behavior and possible contributing environmental factors.

Ground Work

Riders will discover the enormous benefits of developing a better partnership and greater understanding of their horse through ground work. Riders also discover how ground work correlates to their riding and show jumping. It gives individuals a chance to open the lines of communication with their horse and work on things that might get overlooked in a daily riding routine. 

Horse and Human Psychology

We also incorporate horse psychology and behavior as well as basic human psychology for a deeper understanding in the partnership. Communication is key in successful riding and without the foundations of understanding horse psychology, riders are less likely to have successful conversations with their horses. This way of thinking also helps riders to understand why their horses might act a certain way or respond with certain instinctual behaviors.

Show Jumping

We combine all of these techniques for successful show jumping experiences. Along with these techniques, riders learn the importance of gymnastics exercises, course work and much more to prepare for the show ring. We travel to rated and non-rated hunter/jumper shows both in Florida and out of state. 

Going WILD!

Our farm is now rescuing wild mustangs and other horses in need of a new beginning. We apply our natural horsemanship principles to start or restart horses to give them the best possible outcome in life: to be successful partners! 

Make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on our rescues! Once these horses have a solid foundation put on them, we seek to find them their forever homes! Contact us if you're interested in more information on our Mustangs available! 

Saving one horse won't change the world, but

it will change the world for that one horse...

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